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 There can be many reasons that a person decides to change the exterior of their home or business, from wanting a change, to new trends, to the more common problem in older Toronto of buildings which have outlived their attractiveness and while structurally sounds, are no longer appealing. While there are limitless options to proceed with your renovation, many people still prefer the classic design of cured wood, but can be tempted to shy away from this style due to the demands for its upkeep. However, with wood design wall panels, you can now have your proverbial cake and eat it too.




Wood Design Wall Panels in the GTA


 While wood has been one of the most often-used products when it comes to creating exterior walls for our homes and many commercial buildings, the truth is it is not the best and can unfortunately burden you with a number of setbacks. These may include:


Dry Rot – Elements having a chance to penetrate into the wood can begin to decay the material, resulting in the need for replacement if this occurs.


Flaking – Paint looks beautiful on wood when it is first applied, but in as little as 3-7 years it often needs to be touched up or even fully re-done.


Fading – Perhaps one of the more disappointing aspects of wooden exteriors is the extensive amount of time it takes to paint, as well as its tendency to fade long before you’re ready to re-apply. Canadian weather is extreme between the seasons, from bone-chilling cold and ice in the winter to searing, humid heat in the summer, as well as wild wind and rains the rest of the year. This abuse can make a home or business look dated and out of touch, even if it is a relatively new construction.





Why Choose Wood Design Wall Panels



 Surging in popularity in the last few years, metal wall cladding systems have been revolutionizing the way we modernize our structures. Created from aluminum composite materials, ACM panels are formed by combining aluminum with other agents and compressing them under high-pressure. The resulting finished product is a tongue and groove series of panels which attach to the exterior walls of your home or business. As aluminum is an excellent metal for accepting pigmentation, the product can be coloured, styles, and texturized to virtually any style, including one of the more popular choices – wood.


 A simplistic system that can be easily installed by the DIY enthusiast, aluminum supports are attached to the outer walls cleanly and efficiently and require little more than a level afterward to ensure the panels fall into place. Once these 100% recyclable panels are in place, they are locked together using the tongue and groove method, creating a barrier from elements and pests. Because non-rusting metal that has been colour baked is used, warranties may be extended for up to 40 years providing peace of mind knowing that your cladding will never fade, chip, or lose its shine. Contact a local distributor today and discover how wood design panels for sale in the GTA can quickly bring a touch of class and sophistication to any building.

WOOD DESIGN composite

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